E-Book: A Fence for Fido

"Absolutely PAWsome!" - New York Dogazine

"What all the dogs are barking about!" - Fluffington Post

Fido is your average stray dog, concerned mainly with getting leftover pizza scraps from the local dumpster.

At first, he thinks he has everything he could possibly need, and he sees no reason to both with humans. Then, he starts to notice his friends are coming out to play less and less - and fences are popping up at every home.

In this heartwarming tale, Fido goes on a journey for answers, and he ends up finding something he never expected. Follow Fido as he wanders the neighborhood and finds his pals - p'ampered pup Fifi, rambunctios Rusty, dynamic duo Angel and Cosmo, devoted digger Bentley, and some surprise friends too! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll hug your own furry friends close as Fido learns what a pup really needs in life.




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Pawthor Bio

Fido is the author of ten dog-acclaimed works, including the would-be bestseller Ode to Pizza Crusts: Easy Recipes for Strays. Most of these works were lost when his friends mistook them for homework and ate the pages, but he is hoping that the new e-book format of A Fence for Fido will be less tempting. Currently, he''s talking to his agents about a movie deal and a PetFlix series. In his free time, Fido chases his own tail and splashes in puddles.

What the pups are saying...

"A trailblazer in the doggy memoir genre, Fido masterfully paints a portrait of the loneliness of a dog without his friends - dog or human. He draws on his experiences as a stray, giving humans real insight into why dogs need good homes and good fences. The narrative made me feel as though I was right there with Fido, following him from yard to yard in search of someone who would play with him. While I found the story "easy to digest" in a figurative sense, the one drawback of the e-book was that it was not very chewable."
- Deeogee, The Duke of Marma


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